MYRTLEFORD RODEO, VIC DECEMBER 26 ENTRY DATES: Dec 14/15 see calendar listing for further details
YARRAWONGA RODEO, VIC DECEMBER 30 ENTRY DATES: Dec 14/15 see calendar listing for further details
CARRIETON RODEO, SA DECEMBER 30 ENTRY DATES: Dec 14/15 see calendar listing for further details
MT ISA NEW YEARS EVE RODEO, QLD DECEMBER 31 ENTRY DATES: Dec 14/15 Early entries see calendar listing for more details.
TUMBARUMBA RODEO, NSW JANUARY 01 ENTRY DATES: Dec 14/15 see calendar listing for further details
FINLEY RODEO, NSW JANUARY 06 ENTRY DATES: Dec 14/15 & 21/22 see calendar listing for further details
BEECHWORTH RODEO, VIC JANUARY 07 ENTRY DATES: Dec 14/15 & 21/22 see calendar listing for further details




Benefits of affiliation with the Australian Professional Rodeo Association


  • Join the 90% of all major rodeos conducted in Australia by affiliating your event with the APRA.

  • APRA rodeos attract the elite contestants from all over Australia.

  • Formed in 1944 the APRA is the oldest established Rodeo association in Australia.

  • Events advertised in monthly publication "Rodeo News" (1800 copies sent out each month).

  • Full secretary pack including rodeo draws, gate lists and pre printed receipts for competitor entry fees.

  • Full time office staff to cater to your needs.

  • The APRA negotiates the most competitive and comprehensive Public Liability and personal accident insurance cover available.

  • Pre printed posters to promote your rodeo at a minimal cost.

  • Competitive affiliation fees.

  • APRA rodeos boast the richest and most frequented rodeos in Australia.

  • The Australian Professional Rodeo Association is the only Australian Association recognized by the International Federation of Professional Rodeo (IFPR), Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) and New Zealand Rodeo Cowboys Association (NZRCA)

  • The APRA is the only association that conducts rodeos in all states and the Northern Territory.

  • Become a part of the Pro Tour Series which qualifies contestants for the National Finals Rodeo (the true Australian championships)

  • Recognized by the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee on a national basis as well as individual states. The APRA was largely responsible for introducing the Code of Practice for the Care and Treatment of Livestock used in rodeo.

 Committee Information

Click here to read our Committee Information Pack

 A Rodeo Committee information package is available for those committees interested in running a Professional Rodeo.

To briefly summarize the information kit, once you have decided to stage an APRA rodeo you then book your date by sending a $22.00 booking fee to this office. From receipt of your booking fee, your rodeo will then be included in the Rodeo News magazine calendar which is circulated to 1800 members and affiliated committeesc and also on the calendar included in this web site. At this stage it is not necessary to provide us with full details i.e. posted prizemoney, stock contractor etc. However, they will be required no later than 8 weeks prior to your rodeo.

The APRA have rodeo posters available for the promotion of your rodeo. These posters provide your committee with an inexpensive and effective way of promoting your rodeo. In addition to the standard poster, the details of your rodeo can also be added. The standard posters are priced at only 80 cents each.

The Affiliation Fee with the APRA is $220.00 which is payable no later than two weeks before your rodeo. As part of your affiliation our office will take all the entries for your rodeo, complete the stock draw and supply you with a competitors entry sheet with the entry fees receipt written for each competitor.

As it is the Judge's responsibility to calculate the prizemoney payouts for each event, the sole responsibility of the secretary on the day of the rodeo is to accept the entry fees, draw the cheques and obtain the signatures of the placegetters upon receipt of their prizemoney.

If requested at least 2 weeks prior to your rodeo the APRA can payout all prizemoney through APRA head office. Conditions apply. The entry fees are broken up in three (3) parts, added money which is in addition to the Committee's posted prizemoney and is paid out to the winners. The APRA levy which includes insurance and administration $24.20 (bull ride $26.40) and the committee levy which is retained by your committee. As the committee levy is based upon posted prizemoney, please refer to the guide in the information package.

We request that you send the APRA levy of $22.00 per entry along with the Results Sheets and Judges Sheets back to our office as soon as possible after your rodeo, so that riders standings can be updated and insurance premiums can be passed onto our insurers.

In regard to public liability the APRA has an optional $20,000,000 cover available to your committee for $1,380.00 which includes a 12 month voluntary workers personal accident cover.

Apart from optional Public Liability Insurance cover the only money payable by your committee to the APRA is the $22.00 booking fee and $220.00 affiliation fee. Competitors insurance and administration levy is paid to you by our members and then passed on through your committee to the APRA.

In regard to stock contractors, judges, pickup men, announcers, rodeo clowns etc., it is often far more convenient to contract one of our members from the "Stock Contractors and Producers" listing in the Rodeo News who have at their disposal all the necessary staff to produce your entire rodeo. Please note that this is a suggestion only, however, by doing so it allows you more time to concentrate your effort on rodeo promotion and sponsorship.
Should you opt to utilize one of these afore mentioned contractors it is important that before you engage them they know exactly what services you require.

Please ensure you have the relevant Regulatory permits in place well in advance of your rodeo (refer to section of information package headlined STATE PERMIT REQUIREMENTS).

The Australian Professional Rodeo Association has acquired a permit from the Australian Performing Rights Association which allows all APRA affiliated Rodeo Committees to play audio music and hire live entertainment without having to acquire their own license. This license has been paid compliments of the Australian Professional Rodeo Association.

In closing, I hope this information is of assistance to you and should you decide to become involved in Professional Rodeo, I welcome you and look forward to working with you in the future.

Should you require further information or clarification, please contact our office in one of the following ways:
Mail: APRA, PO Box 264, Warwick Qld 4370
Phone: 07 46 61 8183
Fax: 07 46 61 4990





When payments are required


Booking Fee

At the time of booking your rodeo date.


Affiliation Fee

At least 2 weeks prior to your rodeo.


($26.40 Bull Ride)

APRA Levy per Entry

As soon as possible after your rodeo.


Public Risk Insurance

Optional to provide $20,000,000 cover.




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